Finnish Adventure Golf Masters

May 20-21, 2023 | Bellanpuisto | Kuopio

Finnish Adventure Golf Masters competition (FiAGM) will be organized in Bellanpuisto Adventure Golf course May 20 and 21, 2023.

FiAGM 2023 is organized by Kuopio Adventure Golf Club together with Finnish Minigolf Federation.

New registration date May 16, 2023.

FiAGM updated invitation

Bellanpuisto Adventure Golf

Bellanpuisto Adventure Golf course is located by the beautiful Lake Kallavesi only 2,5 km from the city center. Holiday resort Kuopion Saana is situated next to Bellanpuisto. Saana offers sauna, spa, restaurant and meeting facilities.

Bellanpuisto Adventure Golf course is designed and built by City Golf Europe, which is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of mini golf and adventure golf courses.

Bellanpuisto takes you on a trip around the world. All the eighteen holes are inspired by the famous golf courses around the world. Tahko Golf and Tarinaharju golf courses from Kuopio area are included among world legends.

The 18 holes have been designed hitting the ball into the hole by two puts. Last season’s best score is 24 puts.

Spectators are warmly welcome

The competition is easy to follow at site. Bellanpuisto summer terrace offers street food, cold beverages and icecream.